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Idahos Premier
Big Game Trophy Hunting


This school is designed for the hunter who wants to learn the techniques involved with shooting and hunting at long range.

Dates: July 26- 28, 2013
Location: Boulder Creek Outfitters – Peck Ranch
Cost: $1000 per person – includes school, class materials, range time and instruction.
* Lodging and meals are also included.

Long Range Shooting School IdahoThe school includes class time for students to learn the techniques and then range time to apply the techniques.
• Students will shoot on known distance ranges to gather their precise ballistic information.
• Students will shoot steel targets at extended ranges out to 1000 yards.
• Students will learn the techniques for shooting at extreme angles, and how environmental conditions affect the bullet during flight.
• Students will learn positional shooting techniques
• On the final day students will be put in hunting scenarios to apply and test their knowledge they gained from the school.
• Students will come away with greater confidence and understanding of their rifles. They will have the information necessary to make ethical long range shots during hunting situations.

We have run this school for the last five years and make it fun and informative for everyone. All of our class evaluations from the students rave about how much they learned and how much fun they have. We hope you will come and join us this summer. Information about the instructors can be found on the accompanying pages.

For questions and more information to register, contact:

Mike Perkins

Phone: 208-891-4854

Email: map0421@msn.com

Ed Rochnowski

Phone: 208-866-8600

Email: hdswine@gmail.com



Day One
8:00-10:30 - Class Room
- Introductions/ purpose/ goals/
- Fundamentals of shooting/ Ranging
- Rifles/ Scopes/ Accuracy
- Environmental conditions and their effects on bullets. Wind/ Elevation/ Light/ Humidity/ Mirage

10:30 - 4:00 - Range
- Sight in 100-1000 yards

Day Two
8:00- 9:30 – Class Room
- Extreme Angle Shooting/Positional shooting/ supported shooting techniques 9:30-2:00 – Range
- 100 to 1000 yards Steel
2:00 – 4:00 – Extreme Angle Shooting/ Moving Target

Day Three
8:00 – 12:00 - Practical Hunting Situations



Mike Perkins:
Mike served as a police sniper on Swat Teams for 26 year. He is aMaster Sniper Instructor for the past 20 years. He teaches sniper schools for law enforcement and military personnel from around the world. Mike has competed in competitions around the world and has won many events with partners. Most recently Mike competed in the 2011 North American Sniper Championships in Mississippi and won the Top Gun Award for 1st place individual.
Mike has guided for the last 12 years and enjoys taking hunters out for their adventures. Mike got frustrated guiding hunters and watching them miss game animals at reasonable distances and decided to adapt some of his sniper instruction to help hunters learn how to shoot and how to shoot at longer ranges. Mike loves the outdoors and loves teaching people how to shoot. “ I get really excited watching students smile as they start hitting targets at 600-1000 yards.”
Mike has hunted his entire life and has had the opportunity to hunt numerous places in North America and Africa.

Ed Rochnowski:
Ed is an avid hunter and shooter. He brings a tremendous knowledge base about guns, loading, firearm set up and shooting. Ed has hunted around the world and harvested animals from several continents. Ed has a teaching background and loves helping students ring the best out of their rifles. Ed is one of those guys you meet that everybody likes. Ed is currently a staff member with the TV show, Long Range Pursuit, a rep for Gunwerks and is a rep for Night Force Optics.

We hope you will come and join us this summer for a shooting school.
We promise you will have a blast!!!!  


Boulder Creek Outfitters

PO Box 119 - Peck, Idaho 83545

208-486-6232 - 208-486-7280 (Fax)