Dear Tim,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful hunting trip. You have assembled a great team and their hard work, effort, efficiency and enthusiasm is much appreciated. To be able to top off the trip with a 150-inch class whitetail was just an added bonus.

Boulder Creek Outfitters has some of the most breathtaking land I've ever set foot on, and i want to thank you for the invitation to experience it. To be able to come to such a special place and capture high quality outdoor television footage means a great deal to myself and the staff at Wolf Creek Productions.

Whether it's for spring bear and turkeys, elk, whitetails, mule deer or cougar, we look forward to again visiting you, and living yet another exciting hunt. Thanks again for your efforts and great fun which you always provide, and for helping make our western big game hunting dreams come true!


Scott Haugen


"As you know, I just came back from a mountain lion hunt in Nevada. I want to thank you for providing me with such a wonderful experience. The whole trip was great from the hunt itself, the accommodations, food, etc. The guide, himself, was outstanding, and we were able to get an 8 1/2 ft lion the second day of the hunt.

I anticipated this hunt for over a year, and it truly was everything that I expected. I will be contacting you in the near future regarding the possibility of an elk hunt with Boulder Creek Outfitters ."

Zalmen Blanck, M.D. -- Wisconsin


We hunt a lot of different places each year, but every year we make it a point to go back to Idaho with Boulder Creek Outfitters. We have been there for the past 9 years and enjoy the country tremendously.

The deer are highly visible, offering a good chance of taking a mature whitetail. I took one of my best bucks ever in 1994 with Boulder Creek Outfitters: a 25" spread, 11 point.

I look forward to going back again this fall.

Jackie Bushman, Buckmasters


Thank you for a simply marvelous whitetail hunt. Though the years I've repeatedly hunted, like southern Iowa, central Illinois and eastern Colorado are known for especially big bucks. Still, I was unprepared for the sheer number of trophy whitetails in your very special, north Idaho hunting area.

In the five days we bow hunted together, I saw 11 different whitetail bucks that I estimated would score between 130 and 155 record book points. That's one hot trophy whitetail area! I was also very impressed by the quality and organization of all of your operations and the personnel at Boulder Creek Outfitters.

Please give my best to all of the guides, cooks and helpers. Please also feel free to use me as a reference. I've enclosed a few photos of the trophy whitetail I took on the second evening of our bow hunt. He is easily the best whitetail I've taken to date.

Thanks again, Tim. Great hunt!

-- Bill Krenz, Vice President - Sales and Marketing - Bear Archery Inc.


As you know I operate a full time booking agency sending hunters world wide ( . Over the many years that Joan and I have been priviledged to hunt all over many continents, we have made many friends with some great outfitters.

So given that background, when I say that you guys gave my wife and I, on our 2005 mule deer hunt, one of our best hunting experiences, that is meant as truly high praise. I took my best mulie ever on that hunt, a brute in the 180 class, and saw many more deer, plus elk. Joan took a very nice 5X5 as well, one of her best.

Thank Boulder Creek Outfitters!!

Butch Manasse -- Wyoming (Butch Manasse Outdoor Adventures, LLC)


For the last 3 years, I have been coming to Idaho to hunt Elk and Deer with Boulder Creek Outfitters . In the fall of every year I hunt for over 2 months and their hunts are consistently at the top of my hunting adventures. Each year they have put me in position to harvest a fine elk. They have the hunting locations where there are abundant animals and with their fine team of guides and cooks, they work very hard to make sure I have a great quality hunt. I am never disappointed and I am looking forward to another fine hunt this year with Boulder Creek Outfitters.

Chuck Trover -- Oregon


"Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific week. My family thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Whitebird and can'y say enough about the guides and cook. They are real assets to your operation. The hunting was great and we appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in making such a succesful trip. We loved the area and look forward to getting back there when we can."

Regards, -- Dave Sinclair